The Set-Up Guide for our weemote® X. It is designed to replace the previous 2 manuals shipped with our product called the QuickStart Guide and Reference Guide.

If you have an R10 version weemote® X, this Set-Up Guide can also be used with the folllowing differences.

When programming favorite channels 6-10 as described on Page 11, a version R10 weemote® X will not automatically change the channel up/dn control to scanning favorites only. You will need to do this manually as described on Page 16 of the guide. There is also a difference in behavior when setting this option in an R10 unit versus the R11 version. When setting the channel up/dn control to scan through favorite channels, the R10 model surfs through favorite channels 6-10 while the R11 version will surf through all favorite channels 1-10.

We recommend all users use this Set-Up Guide versus using the QuickStart or Reference Guides. 

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