To enter favorite channels 1-5

  1. Press and hold down the “C” button until the light turns on solid green, then release the “C” button
  2. Press and release the large #1 Favorite Button. The light should blink once.
  3. Enter the favorite channel as follows.
    3a. To enter thousands, use the “A” button
    3b. To enter hundreds, use the “100” button
    3c. To enter ones, use the “1” button
    3a. To enter a dash signal, use the “B” button. Dashes are used for sub-channels like channel 10-3, 14.5, etc.
  4. In this example, we will use channel 108.
    4a. Press and release the “100” button one time
    4b. Do not press the “10” button – this equals “0” for the ten value
    4c. Press and release the “1” button eight times
  5. Go back and press and release large #1 Favorite Button. This locks in the favorite channel on button 1.
  6. To continue with other favorites, Press and release the next Favorite Button to be programmed, in this case, button #2. The light should blink once. Then follow steps 3-5 again. Then back to step 2 for favorite channels 3,4 and 5.
  7. When done, press and release the “C” button to exit the program mode.
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