Common questions and answers

Q. What is the difference between the weemote® Streaming Remote (dV) and weemote TV Remote?

A. The weemote® Streaming remote is used to control devices with navigational menus like DVD, DVR and Streaming Players. The weemote® TV Remote is designed to control devices using conventional tuners to change channels.

Q. How can I tell if your remotes are compatible with my equipment?

A. Both our weemote Streaming (DV) model and weemote TV models operate using Infrared Signaling (IR). While most devices especially older ones support IR there are also other methods that remotes can use to communicate such as Radio Frequency (RF), Bluetooth and WiFi. Your device must support IR signaling in order to work with our remotes. Some devices use multiple methods and can usually be checked by entering the menu settings of the device.

Q. What is meant by claiming your remotes are fully learning?

A. Learning is a process where you can take an existing IR remote that operates your device and use that to selectively transfer button controls from that remote to any button on our remote. Both our weemote Streaming DV and weemote TV remotes feature the ability to learn any signal on any button.




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