weemote Streaming dV Remote Control

weemote Streaming dV Remote Control
  • Fully Learning Remote Control on all available buttons
  • Large Buttons and easy Navigation Cluster
  • Comfortable Red Band for great hand comfort
  • Great for young children or Seniors
  • Hidden program buttons/cover to avoid loss of settings
  • Infrared Only (IR) – Does not support RF/Bluetooth/WiFi

This weemote® remote can be used on a wide variety of devices such as selected streaming boxes that support IR remote controls from Amazon, Apple and Roku. With menu and navigation buttons, this remote can be used with virtually any device that requires this kind of navigation such as NVR’s, DVR’s and DVD players. Simply learn the applicable buttons from these devices to the applicable buttons on the original remote control of the device you want to control. 

Requires 2 “AAA” Batteries

MSRP $32.95 – Special Price $14.95

weemote X TV Remote Control

The weemote® X Remote Control makes TV confusion a thing of the past for young children, seniors, disabled and the technically challenged. For those users, the weemote X offers a simple set of buttons they can easily use. No more pressing the wrong button on your current remote or fumbling with multiple remotes, causing your system to go into frustration mode. With a single press of the power button, weemote X turns on your TV system properly and with the use of favorite channels, takes the user directly to the channels they love.

The weemote® X design represents over ten years of customer feedback providing the most programmable remote control in it’s class on the market. This makes setting up and using a weemote® X work in the most basic TV setup all the way to most advanced home theater systems.

There are also numerous option settings to make your weemote X work best for the person who will be using it. For example, you can turn off the volume and mute controls, set the channel up/down to limit channel access (great for kids) and apply special controls to the weemote® like the sleep timer or video input control from your existing remote controls.

Please note that Fobis Technologies suspended production of the weemote X TV Remote at the end of 2018. Anticipating this transition, we worked with one of our major resellers to transfer and even update the software of the product. The product is now sold by SIMPL technologies. You can learn more about these changes and purchase the new SIMPL remote by going to www.smpltec.com/tv-remote .