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weemote® X
The weemote® X Remote Control makes TV confusion a thing of the past for young children, seniors, disabled and the technically challenged. For those users, the weemote X offers a simple set of buttons they can easily use. No more pressing the wrong button on your current remote or fumbling with multiple remotes, causing your system to go into frustration mode. With a single press of the power button, weemote X turns on your TV system properly and with the use of favorite channels, takes the user directly to the channels they love.

The weemote® X design represents over ten years of customer feedback providing the most programmable remote control in it's class on the market. This makes setting up and using a weemote® X work in the most basic TV setup all the way to most advanced home theater systems.

There are also numerous option settings to make your weemote X work best for the person who will be using it. For example, you can turn off the volume and mute controls, set the channel up/down to limit channel access (great for kids) and apply special controls to the weemote® like the sleep timer or video input control from your existing remote controls.

The weemote® X includes a simple quickstart guide and online reference guide for more advanced setups. Comes in your choice of either a high-tech glossy white or blue case.

Want to learn more? You can download the datasheet here.


weemote® dV
In tune with your digital lifestyle, the weemote® dV Remote Control makes using any DVD player or other digital video (dV) device a snap. While our weemote® X TV remote control handles the control of live TV, the weemote® dV allows you to easily control recorded or streaming content accessible by on screen menu navigation.

weemote® dV provides only the most frequently used controls, necessary to operate your digital video device, such as navigational direction, selection, menu and transport controls. Large individually shaped buttons guarantees easy and error free operation. Made for comfort, weemote dV adds a stylish rubber "boot" that surrounds the case for increased comfort. A flat contoured bottom also gives the weemote® dV added stability when used on a tabletop.

With DVD movies now providing more interactive content, children can now fully explore that content without frustration or parental assistance. There are also many exciting games and enriching educational titles being produced today—designed to take advantage of the interactive features found in standard DVD players.

Setting up your weemote® dV is quick and easy. Your new weemote dV comes with a complete library of setup for virtually all popular DVD players. When using the Weemote dV with a DVD player, just find your compatible code and the remote is instantly ready to use. A hidden area for programming makes your settings secure. The battery door and program door are also fully secured using a secure screw. weemote dV also features "learning" support for all user controls. This means that even if your DVD device is not supported in our library or you want to use the weemote® dV with a different device such as a DVR or On-Demand Service, just use the learning feature.

Want to learn more? You can download the datasheet here.