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Fobis Technologies Enhances weemote® Sr to Simplify Digital TV Transition

Miami, Florida – July 17, 2008 – Fobis Technologies, innovators of gadgets for real life, has upgraded its weemote® Sr customized remote control to support the Digital TV Transition (DTV) and eases the confusion and worry for consumers on how they will navigate the change.
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Fobis Technologies Launches weemote® X TV Remote
Fobis Technologies is celebrating its 10 years of innovative weemote® TV Remotes with the launch of weemote® X Remote
MIAMI, FL – Aug 5, 2011 – Fobis Technologies, the Miami-based TV Remote specialist company, launched its latest and most advanced product weemote® X to mark its tenth anniversary. The company is promoting weemote® X as a high-tech device that takes high-tech and complexity out of watching TV.
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weemote®X  This time it is Ready! - as published in www.shoestring.com

Our 4 year old son with mild autism was having trouble watching tv with the universal remote control.  Too many buttons, too many pitfalls, too much difficulty navigating content, finding the wrong content.  John, then an IT guy with a successful career in computer networking sales set out to create a tv remote to keep kids safe while watching tv.  He had a small nest egg of 50K, fear, expectation and raw nerve. The spec was to limit the number of buttons, make them kid friendly, programmable, make it indestructible and of course make a million dollars.
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